Towergate Insurance: Archaeology & Heritage Division

As legislation becomes increasingly complex, the need to identify, assess and minimise hazards within any business is vital, if you are to address both your corporate and legal obligations.

If you are an archaeologist, whether professional or voluntary, you need to have insurance cover in place so that you can carry out your activities with confidence. Towergate Insurance can help you find the cover you need.

Our expert team deals with a variety of complex heritage risks, often requiring a great deal of technical input and creative thinking. This ensures that our clients receive appropriate Risk Management Insurance programmes covering a wide range of products, people and processes.

Working together with the Institute for Archaeologists (IFA) and the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), Towergate have developed a service to offer unrivalled knowledge and experience of the insurance risks that archaeologists face.


Towergate Insurance Archaeology and Heritage Division